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A Conservator is a person who is formally appointed by the Probate Court judge to oversee and be responsible for the personal care and/or financial affairs of a person (known as the Conservatee) who has lost the ability to care for himself or herself, usually due to mental incapacity. The Conservator is appointed by the Court in response to a Petition for Appointment of a Conservator which, when the Petition is granted by the Court, results in the creation of a Conservatorship. The Conservatorship and the Conservator are closely supervised by the Court and the Court’s Investigators to ensure that the incapacitated person’s personal care needs and/or financial affairs are properly managed. Conservatorships are quite involved and expensive. However, when an incapacitated person does not have an adequate estate plan in place, there is often no other alternative to safeguarding the incapacitated person’s care or financial affairs.