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Hello! I’m James B. Creighton and I’ve been practicing law for over 29 years focusing ONLY on estate planning, trust, and probate law.


I am James B. Creighton and I established Creighton Law in July 1997. For almost 30 years, I’ve specialized in just ONE area of law: estate planning, trust, & probate.

Our Estate Planning Services: We draft the documents that make up your estate plan, which might include (1) A trust document that will establish and govern a Revocable (or Irrevocable) Trust; (2) Documents by which your Trust is “funded” with property (e.g., deeds to real property, assignments of tangible and intangible personal property, etc.); (3) A Last Will & Testament (including a “Pour Over” Will); (4) A Durable Power of Attorney for Property Management (i.e., Financial Affairs); (5) An Advance Health Care Directive & HIPAA Release; (6) A Tenancy-in-Common Agreement for property you share with others; and (7) Aophisticated Beneficiary Designations of your insurance, annuity, or retirement proceeds.

Our Trust Administration Services: When a person who has established a revocable trust (the Settlor or Trustor) passes away, his or her revocable trust now becomes irrevocable. The trust must undergo an administration. This means a Successor Trustee “comes aboard” to take over the management of the property in the trust during the administration period, pay all debts and taxes owed by the Settlor of the trust, appraise all real and personal property in the trust, account to the trust’s beneficiaries for all actions taken during the administration of the trust, and distribute the property that remains at the end of the administration period to the Settlor’s intended beneficiaries. We guide and assist the Successor Trustee throughout this complicated process which often entails dealing with bank and financial institutions, realtors and escrow companies, and the trust’s beneficiaries.

How I Work: First, we lawyers often talk too much. So, I’ll shut up and listen to you. This is your chance to express yourself! Ask all your questions. I’ll wait.

If you’re seeking estate planning services, tell me your goals regarding the disposition of your property–both during your lifetime and after your death. What is it you want to accomplish with your estate plan?

If you find yourself thrust into the role of Successor Trustee or Executor of a loved one’s trust or estate and don’t know where to start, give us a list of your questions. Or just say, “Help!”

Only after you’ve had the opportunity to express yourself will I speak. I’ll do my best answer your questions. Then, I’ll ask you more questions that will enable you to delve more deeply into your specific circumstances. Tell me what you want to accomplish with your estate plan and I’ll show you how it can be done.



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