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A Codicil is an amendment to a person’s Will & Testament, which changes some, but not all of the terms of the Will & Testament to which the Codicil refers. In the past, Codicils were very useful in that the Testator did not have to rewrite his or her entire Will & Testament just to make a minor change. Instead, the Testator simply executed a Codicil to make a specific change to the Will & Testament. Only the specific change the Testator wanted to make needed to be written in the Codicil. Codicils are far less common now than they were in the past because of the ease with which a Testator can simply edit an electronic version of his or her Will & Testament with the desired changes, and then reprint and re-execute a new Will & Testament with the desired changes included. The advantage of this procedure is that there is just one document—the new Last Will & Testament—to keep track of, rather than two or more documents, as would be the case were the Testator to sign several codicils over his or her lifetime.