Exit Stage Right, LLC®>>>

Exit Stage Right, LLC®>>> is a business dedicated to assisting trustees and executors with the organization and disposition of the physical estate assets.

Jeanne Smith has created an extensive system to organize and document a family’s vital information, prior to a crisis. This is available as either a computer software package or as a workbook. She also offers educational workshops, keynote presentations, and training seminars.

The hands-on organizing services include:

    Finding, identifying and organizing all the financial and legal documents for efficient estate settlement, saving all family memorabilia, photographs, etc.
    Documenting the physical estate, by creating a photographic inventory with a spread sheet file. This is especially useful when the beneficiaries do not live nearby.
    Facilitating the disposition of the decedent’s personal belongings and household contents, and leaving the property ready for sale.
    Orchestrating moves to another residence or closure of homes after the death of a loved one.

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